Our Story

The foundation of CREATIVE VENTURES was laid in 1996 when Amit Sadavarte started his company after gaining experience from top notch architect at that time. He decided to cater to the industry with his professional expertise. Since beginning ‘CREATIVE VENTURES’ has believed in giving optimum and justified efforts and design output to cater to client’s needs and satisfaction. With years of experience and team of expertise in various domains, today Creative Ventures caters to bigger needs of the industry with their services of:

  • 1. Architectural Design
  • 2. Interior Design
  • 3. Project Management

Today Creative Ventures is a team of experienced Architects, Interior Designers and to back up the whole process we also have ,Civil engineers, site coordinators to make the process more synchronized and homogeneous for the client.


For Creative Ventures Architecture always has been an amalgamation of Creativity with Technology. Each of clients need is treated as a very specific requirement with priority and the firm holds the spatial requirement at priority and makes it a mission to deliver state of art lifestyle spaces. With a mission to bring forth novel architectural spaces whilst achieving complete Customer Satisfaction. Creative Venture constantly strives to be the best only for our clientele.

The designs are a custom fit to accommodate all the mentioned principles and the Principal Architect specially takes care to maintain balance between design and project cost to justify the concept and the end use.


Approach to work always has been methodical which was developed as a result of experience and is unconventional. Till day the same philosophies have resulted in well-designed buildings, with assured optimum quality and timely execution. The success of the firm can be witnessed best in keeping the projects within the estimated costs, unless the Owner wishes otherwise.

With a mission to bring forth novelty in Designed spaces whilst achieving complete customer satisfaction, Creative Venture is constantly strives towards excellence as a balance between the design and the client.


Architectural Design

To provide best design in most suitable conditions is what a top Architect should be doing. At Creative Ventures we believe that: Built environment impacts its inhabitants and a building's interior and exterior.

Understanding of key parameters of client culture, mission and operation directly influences design and thereby project success.

Creative ventures till now has given innovative and successful designs for Residential Projects, Commercial Projects, Industrial Projects in field of Architecture. Creative Ventures augments resources and forms need based partnerships with subject experts, when required to deliver an integrated and well-coordinated project Design, Delivery and Monitoring services for our esteemed Clients.

The designs are a custom fit to accommodate all the mentioned principles and the Principal Architect specially takes care to maintain balance between design and project cost to justify the concept and the end use

Interior Design

Best Interior Designer is the one who can attain the balance of client's need, design innovation, suitable materials and sensitive towards spaces and climate. The way Interior Designing is handled at Creative Ventures is followed on similar principles.

Constant innovation within the studio for achieving a right balance of technology, creativity and output is what Creative Venture works for; in every project related to Interior Design.

Till date we have successfully completed:-

  • Residential & Mixed-use developments.
  • Retail, Offices & Workspace.
  • Commercial Fit-out.
  • Healthcare.
  • Restaurants and other Hospitality spaces.
  • Specialty and Built to Suit facilities.

Project Management & Turnkey Solutions

Creative Ventures consists of a dedicated team who manages works on site and coordinates among the design studio and various contractors.

This gives the client a benefit of hassle free project execution and also saves of time losses due to systematically structured methodologies for executing the project.

Till date the company has successfully completed numerous Residential, Commercial, MNCs and has a list of satisfied clients who got benefit of this facility. Creative Ventures also offers Design Management Services by assisting, advising and Managing Client appointing Design Engineering and Technical resources through the various stages of the Project Design phase.

Incase of Turnkey projects, we become the one point contact for all kind of services, purchases, deliveries and executions for the client.

We Are Creative Team

Teamwork means more we & less me, has been the foundation of success for Creative Ventures, steered by able guidance and vast experience of the Principal Architect Ar. Amit Sadavarte.

The Team comprises of young & dynamic Architect, Engineers, Interior Designers, Supervisors, Administrator & Support Staff. Creative Ventures have been associated with various capable and renowned consultants for allied services like Structural Design, M.E.P Design, H.V.A.C Design etc.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.