With technology advancements and use of intelligent tools, artificial intelligence is taking up many segments of industries the functionality of each Industry has transformed to a great extent. Still the need of spaces to be transformed into 'functional industry' is growing in Indian context.

Industrial Architecture and the sensitivity towards the same has undergone complete overhaul. And now what we see as industries, catering to various needs look much different as compared to how any industrial premise would look earlier. There are some factors those stay relevant for every industry and need to be handled sensibly and the technical expertise in this cross pollination shows how well the project is handled by the Architect.

Process of Production: To understand the functional blueprint and to evaluate the production process of any industry are the key deciding factors of the space and volumes those need to be created to cater to the need.
Circulation Efficiency: The golden mean of efficient circulation of people as well as process results into an effective design. Also one needs to remember every extra minute spent to do any task adds to 1000s of man hour loss at the end of the year. One needs to work smartly to get the wanted design equation.
Storage Units of Finished Products: right location, space allocation of these storage units is critical as they are the final stage responsible for revenue generation of that industry.
Pre and Post production activities- loading/ unloading: sensible design approach of movement corridors with complete technical expertise of these vital areas is important. A right space allocation of dock with correct orientation results in smoother vehicular movement and also better loading and unloading activity.  The industrial architect should plan a layout with the correct turning spaces, especially if forklifts are used.
Handling Utilities and Services: Utilities and uninterrupted supplies of the same are the backbone of your plant.  At times one needs captive power, backup power, and also emergency power.  There are industries which need compressed air, vacuum, or gas supply systems. Sensible designing of HVAC and right spaces for the outdoor units is also of importance. Firefighting systems are a key requirement for safety. Architects needs to workout strategy with other experts to attainhigh-quality, low-maintenance solutions and also to design buildings that house these securely and allow easy maintenance of all these services.
Thinking Local while thinking Sustainable- Using fancy high end materials to fit the buildings in IGBC can be done by anyone.But to keep the design approach sensitive
towards sustainability,having smaller openings on western regions, use of natural light. Involving local masons using locally available materials as far as possible would be a better approach towards sustainability. Certain amount of energy consumption can be balanced if this approach is guarded by other as is guarded by us.