How to find right Architect for your Home

While each one of you has a dream about your house/bungalow, so is the confusion of finding the right Architect, the best architect. That is followed by list of things you need in your home, those should be there and those should not be there.

What should be the criteriawhile choosing, who should designing your home.Hiring an architect for designing work is a tough task for anyone. Your dream bungalow might be just on its way right from the time you selected the area you want to live in, purchased the land and now you are about to begin the next step. Selecting Architect for your bungalow.

What should be the filters you must consider while selecting an architect. To make the process easier, let us list out what all should be considered.

a) Is the Architect qualified enough to handle all needed responsibilities right from inception to completion of the project. You
need to make sure that the person is sound with the knowledge about rules/ bylaws related to your area, land, plot and the limitations those are put by the local authorities in name of bylaws.

b) Is she/he a good listener? When you share your requirements does the person possess patience to listen to your requirements? Or is the Architect more self-driven who wants to put his word ahead of yours.

Is she/he an Understanding person who understands your needs well? Not only the said words but some unsaid ones as well which. An
Architect who understands your need can create designed spaces suitable to your requirement.

Does he dedicate at least one representative whom you can contact to discuss small progresses of work. How is his customer

e) What kind of work experience does he have? Is there any particular style of his that you like from his previous work.

Is he genuine while responding to your needs and gives his expert opinion or he just agrees to all what you say?

g) Does he justify the comparison between design and execution with his knowledge, does he possess knowledge about other parallel industries relevant to your bungalow project.

h) Does the person justify the budget with specific materials used and does he help you with optimization of cost for the project?

Are you specific and clear in what you wants? Do you give enough thought as to what are the styles you like and bring it to the notice of the architect?

Are you mutually sensitive about the time you utilize of each other to come to decisions?

Mathematics has equations those will give you same answers always; but creative thinking and technical solutions related to creative thinking in totality is a customized process and hence you need to think about it differently and sensitively.

All these factors if you think with a sensitive approach, will give you the answer as to who is most suitable designer, architect for your bungalow.